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100% working 13 Reasons Why Torrent Links Download

13 Reasons Why Torrent Download

Hello, here we are again with 13 reasons why torrent movie download links that you guys were searching for I hope you guys like this.

Netflix the service that you're probably piggybacking off of has yet another show for people to binge-watch and according to the creators is life-changing because I guess people need to show in order to teach them to be nice to other people and I know that a lot of people are loving the show for me personally that it was Beeson for the team

drama that it was meant to be but I also know that a lot of diehard fans are going to ignore it but there are flaws in the show and it's not perfect and thus I want to be the one to bring balance to the world and pretty much break down the 13 reasons why it fails or sucks or whatever other word titles are supposed to have at this point so kicking
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 it off at number one is all of the melodrama I knew the acting was going to be like CW levels but damn I did not think that they were just straight-up disrespect all teenagers of the world and think that they were idiots and number two is all of the flashbacks that made season six of lost make more sense I'm talking about it wasn't that it was confusing but it was so inconsistent to the point that you had all of the titles of the episodes be named

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after tapes and I guess that just ended up being some random suggestion or cool concept because that ended up leading to number three which was the makeup in the flashbacks where they literally had your main character not know

how to play paperboy getting into an accident they pretty much as Harry Potter his forehead and that was supposed to be your way of telling the present and the past I just wish they would have tried a bit more on the effects and not have bought them from the Halloween store also for fans who

keep like gushing over the fact that Oh in the past scenes when Hannah was there they're in such warm colors because her presence was there and everyone was full of love as opposed to the present where it's super cold because she's finally gone and there's no more love you do know that's just called cinematography like cartoons do that and number four is the book changes done look you can alter it all you want to change

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it completely up I mean the author of the original source material signed and he's okay with whatever changes you make so whatever but if you're going to make chain how can be good ones in the book it pretty much just all lasted one day and your voile pretty much read them all in one day but it's kind of done when you have a bunch of people

binge-watching the show that takes place over several weeks and this boy just doesn't know how to press the play button it never finishes these tapes and number five seriously this kid drags to play the tapes and what comes out of that is the fact that you had that one book that takes place in a day being stretched out into 13 hour episodes

 sure it's able to create an entire season and flesh out some of the characters but you also have so much filler that drags out the shows if HBO settles with a 10 episode series then that should be what you try to follow at this point I know that some a are you know it's more than just a TV show you're just focusing on the technical stuff there's a message that comes with this show and you can critique it which is number six not

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being able to critique it because it's about suicide I don't believe in that just because something deals with deep subject matter that doesn't mean that it's flawless are perfect for example like at number seven and where they change what happened in the book suicide which was an overdose and turned it into something more explicit with literally showing her slit her wrists because that clearly wasn't something to drop controversy they

actually cared about the people watching who may be suicidal and they wanted them to you know see how bad it wasn't prevented even though every suicide prevention Association tells you explicitly not to do that so you know ignore what I have to say I would think that they know a bit better and number eight is the changes that they

made by adding diversity by adding different races by adding different sexualities into the characters and I'm completely ok with that do whatever you got to do to it make your target audience wider but the thing is is that there were already

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characters that had specific storylines that were altered because of this so really the question that I have with this is that is it okay if it's forcing diversity and not creating characters that are really that great because one of the questions that I've always had and it's an honest one is why do people complain when certain characters

get swapped out for others that they don't keep that same argument when minorities are swapping out for already established characters it's honestly a real question that I have because it seems like a very convenient double standard and this is coming from someone who's Hispanic in a minority himself number nine is rape that is like a really

 big everything that people to want to deal with but this show tries to deal with it and um they deal with it like this with all of these discussions you would think that they would wrap up everything nicely since they had 13 hours that were expanded on to be able to tell this complete story and flush characters out they don't they literally

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have so many things that are left open it's like this thing isn't even complete which leads number 11 and that's the fact that they wanted a season two and I don't know to me I would focus on making like a really strong season one before you just you know leave everything open-ended because you want to make more money with a season two which is kind of sick because people are begging for a season two I guess forgetting the fact that

it would start with a school shooting I mean they've literally gotten people to beg for a Netflix original series about the Columbine in the style of the CW I I really don't get it at 12 comes the point where I'm sure people and the other half would say oh it is just a show don't focus on all this controversial stuff just enjoy it for what it is but you know the creators of the show made this show with an intended message for it to

almost be an answer yet I think the show focuses more on the people who are farther away from suicide and just feel bad about the event it doesn't really help out those who are suffering from a mental illness and I honestly wouldn't care what the show does with its story it is able to tell whatever story create whatever characters whether I agree with them or not it is a person's story that they're creating and it's all fictional the issue

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here will Bob is that they're trying to push this again to be the answer they are convincing people that this is something that they should play at schools and it's like no why are you going to play something that's just going to guilt people into being fake kind to others to me personally the idea that everybody else is responsible for one

individual action is irresponsible in and of itself you have things like murder where that is literally an outside person taking somebody's life it's a direct interaction suicide on the other hand while yes people should not be dicks that it's something I can stress again do not be a douchebag to others suicide is still that person's choice it's their decision and by blaming everybody else outside of it who yes may trigger it by blaming

everybody else you're taking away that person's responsibility just look how they turned Hannah into a puzzle into this girl who created this game that entertained you all of you who watched the show who spent 13 hours binging this series because it entertained you it's because of the tapes in the way that they intertwined the story that it became this phenomenon this thing that everybody's watching and even though she's a fictional

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character has given so much attention to the character of Hannah so I ask again what part of the show was supposed to stop a suicidal person it has shown you an explicit death that literally gives you the blueprint of what it's like in case those type of people were scared it has shown you how much attention you can get if you kill yourself literally having 13 episodes in an entire series based around that and worst of all everyone in the

show planes themselves for her death thus taking all responsibility away from her saying you can make that decision literally just blame it on everybody else I mean really think about that this girl sent out all of these tapes to create this game blaming everybody else from beyond the grave where they receive these tapes and have no

13 Reasons Why Torrent Download

way to the found themselves against a dead girl what sick is the part where she scented the people who didn't even really do anything that bad it gets to a point where she's literally just blaming anyone who just crossed her path it becomes so petty fans of the show themselves have even created a meme about making a tape for someone

who dishes you or does anything wrong to you in any way shape or form so it literally just makes me think that yeah it's a show you can enjoy it whatever but when people start seeing this as an answer to suicide the idea that you can just blame others then that really brings up a lot of reasons why it's a problem number 13 Jeff really did deserve better.

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