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100% working KGF torrent Download Links

KGF Torrent Download Links

Hello there we are back again with another movie download link, this time its the infamous KGF Torrent links, so enjoy.

KGF is written and directed by Prashanth Neel and it also stars Trinity Shetty and Ramya Krishna we got to watch this movie just a few hours ago this edit is going to be looser in the interest of getting out the review sooner and so for those of you who are used to our fast-paced editing I apologize in advance

we're gonna start off with IMDB here it says a period drama narrate the 17 hundred year old history of oppressed waging wars against their oppressors said in the early 80s kg up the first chapter of centers the protagonist who leads a battle against the oppressors I didn't really get all of that information from the movie, yeah I certainly didn't get the 17 hundred-year-old history pot by the early eighties bit I was like

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Oh Lord with right so I want to start off with talking about the things I liked and then later on I'll get into things that I didn't like quite as much so first and foremost I just got to say that yash is incredible like he has a charisma about him that just radiates on the screen he does a really good job of being that hero archetype in the film he's almost like a Superman character he's like a superhero in a way with the way the film portrays

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said he who's kicking ass and taking names you bought him as that dude yeah thanks to his acting thanks to the way the film was made he just did a great job yeah he sold it right the the beard and the hair it was a very stylistic and cool like I just liked I liked his movement I liked how he switched between being the cool badass and then being that guy who's like a romantic lead with you know trying to pursue this girl and then just you know did the way he handled the dialogue I thought it was all really cool here to Mister

mysteriousness about him the way he showed empathy for certain characters in the film I believed him you know there wasn't a single moment in the film where I didn't buy what he was doing yeah now that's again a combination of both his ability as an actor and the director working with him to achieve that performance the other actors in the film I thought all did great in supporting him and supporting him as you know

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the lead in you know whether the villains whether they were the bystanders you know collateral damage in the film like I thought that the the cast was just pretty good you know yeah there wasn't any there wasn't a single actor where I was like uh but again like we don't speak the language so I was running into this with the

zero review the other day where I was praising Anushka Sharma and people were like no I still stand by my statement but this is coming from someone who doesn't speak an Indian language that being said I appreciated the acting in the film this story itself I thought was pretty interesting just like the divine for power thing it's almost

 like a Greek play or something very much is like a Greek tragedy our protagonist comes from tragedy or any sort of superhero origin story it seems like they always have something horrible happen to them in a way this almost reminds me of a modern-day baahubali yes I know that baahubali is more of a exactly yeah is it it's almost more like mythology and how epic it is and the kind of fantasy elements that are

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brought in there and you sort of see that here like I said you know Josh josh is more like a superhero in this movie even though he doesn't work ape the baahubali aspect is like the mom you know he loses he doesn't hit his mom right like she dies when he's very young right and she like really inspires his life and I really loved that relationship in the movie actually because it's the driving force and once again like in Aquaman

where it was a lot about family I loved how they tied in this whole like mother-son relationship aspect because once again it's something everyone can hook into I think most people can yeah most people have mothers right most both moms I care about them exactly so it's something that's like readily identifiable and is emotional so once you know you just get hooked in emotionally well away you go I think they did a good job of

establishing that relationship with him and his mom and how important she was to him and like the impact that she had on his life throughout the film they showed these little moments where she's endow him with philosophical ideas and virtues to that he carries with him for the rest of his life and it also gives him a reason to put women on a at least mom's on a higher on a pedestal he says in the film like they're stronger than

soldiers yeah and I thought that was a very interesting way to you know to put it I liked the idea again of these people vying for power and yes being kind of in the middle of all this and doing his fight to basically fulfill the promise to his mother and what ends up happening along the way this other kind of job that he ends up taking on as a result of his adventure like now he becomes a man of the people right which reminds me of a few

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 other South Indian films I've seen where you have this gangster who becomes how did you phrase it in the in the car ride Oh a gangster with a heart of gold right exactly I think that's a great way to phrase it because we've seen that before with with Raja and Kahn films and so that's ROS sort of reminded of and I actually dig it I thought that it organically showed how he starts out you know as this innocent kid ends up becoming

 a someone on the streets who's fighting for power and then becomes a man of the people like I I could see that arc it was very nicely done the music was another thing I really really appreciated in the movie the soundtrack that like the score throughout the film was just awesome I this is a score that I would actually be interested in purchasing and listening to that's how much I enjoyed it it reminded me of like

Harry gregson-williams or something like that Harry Kirsan Ilyumzhinov the middle gear selling video games and he did several big picture movies even the the first song I don't remember the other lyrical songs as much I remember liking the item number girl woman excuse me but I don't remember if I liked the song or not it didn't leave it like a strong impression on me I think I liked all of the the soundtrack songs like

when I heard them I was like oh they're they're nice they they tell the story wait help move it along I remember liking it at least the first one and one more possibly the part where I take issue with the film and I don't know how much influenced prashanth Neil had on this is the editing the editing I felt like did a disservice to the movie for me I know that people in the theater was super happy like there were people coming

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 out of the theater being like oh it was amazing and so I know that there is probably some sort of cultural limitation here or language barrier thing that's kind of in the way of my enjoyment because like stylistically I really dig the movie for the most part and I love the shots like the DOP the director photography did a fantastic job like every shot was just beautiful the framing aesthetically I was like wow like even though it's a lot of dark colors like very gray and black and sepia yeah I felt muted even though it's muted it

 just had this cool contrast and his pop to it and the framing I really really appreciated the framing in the film and I was like okay I just wish I could appreciate it a little bit longer but before it jumps to the next thing yeah you know for being a three-hour film it felt like a three hour movie trailer because of just the in terms of the editing style like it kept it kept cutting every second and then there was a lot of going to black over and

over again and particularly particularly in the last 20 minutes of the movie I was like okay just let me appreciate what's happening here I feel like this could have been two movies so yeah I'm like this literally could have been four films the way that this is being done it would have been like four to our movies and I would I would be down to watch all four of them if it was done just a little bit slower paced so I can appreciate what's going on I still think you can accomplish all the things that you that that

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prashanth Anil was trying to accomplish with this movie in terms of his epic nature and the style the stylized fighting and the story like I think all of that can still be accomplished and just let the editing breathe a little bit more almost the start of the movie every two seconds it's cutting and I was like gosh is this yeah this is this is it the whole time and so it's like I can't blink I think in the beginning with his background stuff I appreciated that the movie did move at a clip because then we get to the heart of the story yes you

 know in a way I did appreciate that it moved fast but then when you get to the the meat and bones of the story you kind of want it to linger just a little bit longer so you get a chance to appreciate everything that's going on and a moment to breathe and catch up with all the different characters that are coming into play yeah I mean the style in terms of the editing style it almost reminds me of a Kevin Hart stand-up like his more recent standup because like if you watch his earlier stand-up it's a it's a nice pace and you and

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breathe and you get to laugh with him whereas his later stand-up it feels like he's just it's a race to the end of the movie it's just like it's not giving you a chance to even appreciate a single shot because it's it's just trying to get to the credits as fast as possible over the course of three hours and so when I said like the beginning it's it's fast pace and it's and it was alarming for me I didn't mean the very opening where I would late you're talking about cuz I agree with you it it kind of going through at a clip through the narrative

explanation at the top that's fine but then when the movie gets going it was still moving at that same pace I was like oh my gosh like I can't keep up with this and then the fight scenes was where it was like really apparent just how aggressively fast the editing was and I was like I can't I can't appreciate anything happening right

now cuz it's moving so fast like there are shots on-screen for two frames yeah and it moves on to the next shot and I'm like oh man this is that in that regard it was very disappointing for me because I wanted to be able to appreciate the shots more wanted to be able to appreciate the action or everything happening like there was one shot I recall when he's in the truck and I don't think he knows where he is and

the camera starts out on him and backs up and you see all the people in the truck and I think he's trying to look out that shot lasted a little bit I'm like yeah more of that please give me more of those shots so I can appreciate what's going on and maybe dial back the stylization a little bit more so I can appreciate it more so you can appreciate what's happening and and deal with that drama with the characters a little

bit more right I did appreciate that they chose to tell the story in this kind of like I guess what would you say like nonlinear yeah with the narrator yes I liked that almost like when sis bride exactly do remind me of the princess bride in that regard cuz every now and then you'd come back to where they're talking and then he's like oh wait did I skip ahead oh and let me just go back and so I think it was cool I think I think this director I mean I could be wrong but I do think he appreciates certain American films and certain

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American directors because or not even just American but just like things that are not from India because there was definite references to Bruce Lee and specifically there was a reference to Enter the Dragon which is an American film there's a scene where ohhara image of the dragon is losing to Bruce Lee so he he clashes to beer bottles together to try to fight Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee just demolishes him that's it was straight from end of the Dragon and even the style like I did appreciate what he liked using the

doodoo to brush his hair back like that whole was very like just slick like he was just that was badass but all of it felt like a Bruce Lee scene where he's kind of like he's a little bit drunk yeah yeah and I mean there was no there's no Bruce Lee fight scene where he's a little bit drunk but there's a Jean Claude Van Damme

movie where he's a little bit drunk does it there's a Jackie Chan films called drunken master with a little bit drunken fighting people but it felt closer to Jean Claude Van Damme because no one can touch like if you go back and watch the jean-claude Van Damme movies from the 80s no one can touch him like he's just

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he's that badass the only person who's able to beat him up his Dolph Lundgren I appreciate the nods that the director was doing I again I appreciate just the framing the style in terms of just like how it was shot yeah I appreciate the music I appreciate how badass yeah she was so because of how the editing was I had a hard time keeping up with some of the story so much that I had to have a conversation with

Achara in the car going okay so I think this is what happened and we like literally went through like the whole film so that I made sure that I understood what was going on yeah and I really appreciate the setup of the story like I did I just dig the premise I dig the setting I did what they're trying to do here uh-uh it's just the editing really hindered my ability to fully appreciate this film and so because it peated my abilities

so much that I have to go with like a three and a half out of five for this that is exactly my rating yeah yeah the I would have given it like a four four and a half otherwise because I think that this has a lot going for it the editing is just like it made it such a difficult experience for me that I mean I wish I would I was enjoying it like

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the people around me but I just wasn't and that's just me being straight with you guys I thought it was a good movie I enjoyed it I thought Josh was great and it was it was beautiful but there were some problems yes right it's impossible to fully state a score on this film without watching both of them but I have a feeling the second one

is going to be edited in a similar manner unless they go totally Kill Bill Vol to on this where it feels like a different movie in terms of this the pacing of me and the style I suspect that the editing cells gonna be the same in part two so that's still gonna be a problem for me in Chapter two but you know as far as the story goes

I'm hoping that there's a lot more to be discovered here and it's very justified why there's a chapter two so I'm looking forward to it you guys let us know your thoughts in the comments below I know that most of you watching this love the film and you're probably really upset that I didn't give it a five out of five.

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