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100% working avengers endgame torrent links

Avengers endgame torrent Files

Hello here we again with yet another movie, this was one of the most waited ones, we have shares Avengers endgame torrent and magnet files.

Avengers endgame is written and directed by the Russo brothers and stars so many people this is the culmination of a ton of different storylines all coalescing into a gigantic finale so after the devastating events of infinity war where Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe the remaining Avengers are scrambling to hopefully find a way

 to set things right in the universe once again before I get any farther than the review I do want to give a big thank you to Dollar Shave Club they are the sponsor for this video and I'm proud to have them as a sponsor and to be a club partner with them so thank you very much to them stay tuned - after the review to learn a little bit more about them I'm always wary of films like Avengers endgame for multiple reasons
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one they're very difficult to talk about in a spoiler-free review which is what this is and don't worry I'll room nothing, of course, I won't even hint at things as many professional outlets already have but the other thing is that these films come with so much hype to the point where I have basically learned to turn my brain off from that hype

I don't listen to theories I don't listen to ideas that other people might have I tend to not even read what the plot is and I don't watch too many trailers or clips or anything I just try to stay away because hype can ruin a movie and so whenever a film like this comes around I try to be as disconnected from it as possible and that's my way

of honoring the filmmakers and the writers and hoping that you know I'm experiencing a film with them that they wanted me to see rather than hoping it goes in a billion different directions that I have already cooked up in my brain even though they were never planning to do that in the first place and I'm happy to say this was a highly satisfying film that brought tons of storylines to a fantastic conclusion and despite being three

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hours long really didn't feel like it felt about as long as infinity war did it's a beefy runtime obviously and there will be many people who have things to say about that and complain about that and focus on the runtime but there were just so many things they had to find a way to present an honour in this film and I can understand that two and a half hours just probably wasn't enough because they wrote themselves in a corner

at the end of infinity war because you're in this place where you're like how are they going get out of this and was serialized entertainment you're going to have to continue this story and they need an entire first act to really deal with that and sometimes that first act can feel a little slow purposefully and when I say slow I don't necessarily mean that as a bad thing it's a very sombre first act you're you feel like there's desperation this

is not a feeling you normally get in a superhero film usually there's lots of punching and it's really entertaining and there's plenty of that in this movie but this film takes a long time to make you feel like you're watching regular people, not just superheroes the Avengers in this movie feel the most human they ever have after the ending of an infinity war when you realized how much of them could be expendable when it came to the
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MC use decisions picking up here really does make them feel like normal people which is extremely refreshing they're not doing superhero stuff the whole movie they feel like they're they're really desperate like they're scrambling for a really anything that they can get their hands on and so in that way there's an urgency in almost every scene which is a writers dream when you feel like your characters are in a place where

they are always constantly in motion towards some goal and it feels like they have no hope of the whole time that's really exciting the second act picks up considerably in the action department with a structure that I actually predicted I never once publicly predicted it so it's not a spoiler for me to say that but I just in my head I was like I think they might do this and they did but it wasn't like I was like oh I guess that I was happy because

 I wanted them to do that and I wanted to see what that could bring about and I was really pleased with what they do and that's all I'll say but you came to this movie for the third act and it delivers it's just an hour of insanity it's fucking awesome and the final action set piece is honestly movie magic it's everything you expect to see when you pay money for a ticket for a film of this size and it's all inspiring really what they do here

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and you have to give it to the visual effects designers especially because they are just doing incredible work but in regards to that third act there's something that gets tossed around a lot in reviews and it's usually down upon and that's fanservice a lot of critics like to pinpoint fanservice and say that's bad and I've probably even done that before but really as a creator why would you not want to serve your fans they're the ones who are

supporting you and praying for you and making sure that you can continue to work so naturally you'd want to make them feel happy and show them things they want to see but that's not to say this film doesn't take risks they definitely do with some characters and you'd have to be a big fan of this series to know that they're taking risks there's things that just I did not expect and it's through the whole movie and you're like okay that's what they did and for some people they might hate it and and some might think it's extremely

 awesome I don't know I thought it was funny I liked it I'm excited to talk about it in a spoiler video and more on that later but let's talk negatives because no movie is perfect no matter how much you want it to be except for alien and 12 Angry Men yeah yeah those movies they're pretty much perfect this film is not paced as well as infinity war is and a lot of it is because of that first act it is slow you could call it a slow burn which is

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 probably the most you know nice way to say that you were kind of bored for a while and some people will probably say that but they needed it to set up certain things there are still a few scenes though that do feel like they could have been cut there are a few specific scenes that don't really necessarily have to be in the movie but they're their sort of for information sake and that's understandable again but still

 there's just a little bit in that first half-hour to 40 minutes where you're like yeah that doesn't necessarily have to be there so it's not paced as well as infinity war infinity war is a movie that from beginning to end it really feels extremely cohesive I liked that film a lot more than when I first reviewed it even then I really liked it but I've really come to love that movie and I would say just as a pure superhero film infinity war is probably the better movie but endgame is more emotionally satisfying and resonant like

 I did tear up an end game and I did cry and I felt something it definitely hit me and that's not normal so in some ways you can look at them in very diff wise they're nice companion pieces with each other and I like that this isn't just a copy and paste infinity war it feels like they did try to do a few things differently yes you're going to get your massive superhero battles I mean what do you wanted to do fucking flip a coin and say

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Oh heads I win okay and credits oh you want to see him fucking punch people in the face, of course, Jesus but within that finale, there's so much going on that it does feel like the Russos were a little overwhelmed because there

are things happening in the finale and I know they're happening but we don't really see them because there's so much that they were like we're just gonna focus on this part right now but I'm like what about that stuff no we're not showing you that because this is happening oh okay I get it, yeah it does

sort of feel like they had things they wanted to happen they got that shot and said okay we got that shot now forget about that cuz there's shit happening over here that's cooler so it doesn't feel quite as coherent as the massive finale that took place in Wakanda an infinity war although it's still like glorious to look at and you can absolutely nitpick the shit out of this movie I mean you can go and watch it and be like no that is

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so dumb no and just be that person but like I'm not that person, okay you know I go to these films to have fun I go to these films to enjoy myself and I did and a story I'm gonna give Avengers endgame in a - when it comes to things

I wanted to see I saw most of them when it comes to things that I didn't think I was going to see most of them I was excited about seeing so I saw stuff and it was good that's my extremely in-depth review of event of Avengers I can't speak I still have a remnant of a cold I really do think most fans are

going to enjoy this film I'm not seeing it being an overly divisive movie at all I think there might be a few risks they take where fans might be divided on it but those are like small moments I was just talking to a friend of mine about this when I film is overall really good but there are little things you didn't like you can overlook it you're like well I love most this movie but that one part but you know what everything else was so good

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so it's okay I'll accept it whereas if this film was just littered with problems I'd want to talk about all those but when you have so much good happening around a couple little things you can really start to nitpick and get like annoyingly nitpicky about and at that point you have to ask yourself is this worth it you know life is short go see the movie but like I said in the beginning of the video thank you to Dollar Shave Club they are

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