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Hello There here we are again with yet another web series that will blow a mind, this time we have Mirzapur torrent Links, that you people might like.

Definitely 18 plus huh I can say that I'm definitely interested in the story here and it it's setting the tone of it it definitely intrigues me this is a comment more on the trailer itself I don't like the sensationalism of it because you're dealing with a very real subject matter acting and everything the way it's being treated it's all being driven

by a very real tone yeah and that's how we're supposed to treat this when we're watching it right it's not like a very fancy musical kind of thing it's grounded real acting is more on the understated side we're dealing with gangsters underwear mafia people going through real shit and dangerous stuff violence crime sex all that stuff it's all very

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much based in reality in the harshest of environments and there are real consequences that are truly deadly and so what it feels like is happening as the trailer is sensationalizing the violence and really making it feel gratuitous but I don't think this what's gonna happen in this show I feel like the show is just gonna be honestly portraying this stuff like

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this is what would happen and how it would look if you were there witnessing this stuff for real right you know with your family I look at it no different than Martin Scorsese who has also been accused of glorifying violence and he's like I don't glorify I don't like violence I'm just being honest about it and it feels like that's what this is doing

it's being honest about the violence in these in this circumstance and these circumstances with these characters what they would be doing how they would be responding to whatever situation what I don't appreciate is how it's being sold

 because I feel like it's already effective you have an interesting story interesting characters interesting circumstances you don't need to over sell the violence because you're in you're in fact kind of turning me away

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from this show yeah rather than inviting the end thankfully I'm critical enough of a viewer where I can go you know what I didn't like the trailer but I'm still gonna watch it because I know what I'm probably gonna get when I watch it I think it's interesting that they're coming out with this web series on the tail of sacred games like those this interest

in gritty realistic based gangster stories Ali Fazal I I was quite intrigued to see him in this because the only things I've seen him in has been when he's been more of that kind of romantic lead type and he's been very sweet certainly nothing violent yes nothing violent but the thing is in that webseries bunglers of erotic or whatever yeah that was another

webseries pushing the boundaries it was very yeah sexual at least in the first episode it was it was not hiding anything it was very explicit in its nature not showing nudity perhaps but the subject matter was very much on the nose not disguising it at all and so here it's just instead of it being about sex it's about funds and for whatever reason we're more comfortable as a society societies I should say because in both India and the states I think shares

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this which is we're more comfortable with showing violence than we are with sex yeah for whatever reason I think that America in general is more comfortable to sharing showing both of those things but it seems like India as from what I can tell so far is more comfortable showing violence than sex and so here you're seeing like full-blown gory

violence the one that shocked me the most and I think cuz it was just so unexpected was the bullet through the woman's eye yeah I was just like whoa that was that was a lot and I wasn't expecting that from a trailer there were some moments that bugged me like like you said like I think I got you I think you got him when the guy was just shooting very

 like vigorously I'm like dad okay like that's a bit much the thing about it though is despite the shortcomings that I'm calling out such as the way it's edited to sensationalize the violence I feel like there's still a very interesting base

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here you know a very interesting story like anytime we've got characters set in this environment or we're trying to make their way in a world where you could literally get killed anytime and anyone could

betray you that's it's very easy to understand almost like the opposite of a romantic comedy where it's like you know for girls it's like that emotional thing and you you know you get swept up in the fantasy of it right first for whatever reason on the opposite and you have guys who are like really in this with worth easy to get their attention because

it doesn't take much to make these characters compelling like they're in an in a very hostile environment that this stakes are very clear within seconds I mean there was a forget what it was there was some writing book I read and it said if you are writing a script and you find yourself stuck or you feel like the story's getting

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stale write that two men come into the room with guns just write that in there and then and figure it out right and it automatically makes the story more interesting here you have n2n it's like that's the world it's like these men with guns who are each trying to basically claim power for themselves is what it looks like the specific nuances of the story

that make it different from other stories like it I don't know I can't recognize quite yet um I think I got distracted by the violence yeah well it's interesting cuz the description here on the YouTube page says that amuse report is a story set in the heartland of India a world of drugs guns and lawlessness with heart pounding action violence at an operatic

scale gangsters with sharp minds dry humor and fast hands where loyalties changed in a flash of story like never seen before and I have to say I agree with that operatic scale of violence when you were saying like oh it's really grounded and stuff I agreed like yeah that acting is really grounded but in terms of the setting in terms of that yeah the

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violence might be over the top but like it's not over the top like Kill Bill yeah okay yeah you know maybe it's large and and I'll be excessive but it's still played in I don't I don't want to use this as a reference cuz it's like a martial arts flick but raid 2 or the raid in general the violence in there is graphic but it's still like realistic graphic

whereas it was something like Kill Bill that's opera that's like I think that's a that's a bad this is my style I think that's a bad that's a bad adjective because the thing about it is Kill Bill is yes stylized it's like violence is like the blood is spurring like crazy and stuff like that like that's insane this is not insane it's just harsh it's large though it's very what

 did you see what did you see that was big well just the amount of violence and and I did you see god oh did you see city of God yeah like it's no different than that like the violence is harsh and it's it's a lot of it it's just like that you're constantly living on that edge of shaking hands with the devil like okay you know what I'm saying so you're saying like this is realistic like if if you were in this world then this would be what it was like a day-to-day

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basis you just be like shooting people up I feel like it's possible like City of God I see this as is akin to the violence of something like Goodfellas or any Martin Scorsese film that deals with gangsters it's the same kind of thing like there's a lot of violence in it but the thing is like that's the world that we're dealing with the dry humor is also in Goodfellas like this that's why it's reminds me of Scorsese so much I try not to mention Scorsese because it's

like it's it it seems like I'm always linking every mafia thing I watch to his name but I think Scorsese the more than that number one and number two there's more gangster mafia films than what Scorsese is produced he's just happens to be the most prolific famous one like ubiquitously known for that this description is a bit hyperbolic I would say it's

true it's of course I mean it's by design it's supposed to sell itself right but we've seen stories like this before yeah it's not unique but it's still interesting okay I know you got me stuck on that word operatic I'm just gonna be real what do you mean what does that mean to you operatic to me means like very large yeah like large larger-than-life theatrical

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okay yeah over-the-top okay over-the-top yeah now what was over-the-top in terms of the violence here just the level of violence like all of those headshots and stuff like that it was excessive it was excessive because it was a supercut of all the violence in the in the show okay but right I mean yeah III see what you're saying yeah I guess

I'm just like just reacting to what I'm seeing here she's like okay that was a lot of violence and and like you say I hope that this is just violence being put in there to sensationalize the trailer and make us want to watch it I don't think it's indicative of the idea that there's gonna be gun head shots every two seconds in this show well I hope not because that would just be too much and I don't think I would enjoy the show if that was the case

so you know I'm hoping that it's just sprinkled let's just have a few head shot well it it desensitizes you right I mean that's why I stopped watching into the Badlands ease into it just got to be too much and I heard that it's better than season one I heard that from one person honestly but I heard that it's better than season one but I have refused to go any

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further cuz I'm like it's just a lot I don't know if I'm just getting old or something but like I just don't need that much violence to be entertained like I just I need it enough to let me know what kind of world we're dealing with to have caught the characters have to have consequences sometimes you got to kill someone off to let you know like not everybody's

safe in the show that kind of stuff like just to emphasize moments but when it's happening every two seconds then it's not interesting and you know it has value like you said you get desensitized so it's like you know in Game of Thrones it's pretty violent but then you have something like the red wedding which is just like

Game of Thrones is excessively violent when there's violence yeah but it's not happening every two seconds exactly so that's why it works there at least it works better for me there yeah it's shocking it does its job it shocks you whereas like if it's just wall-to-wall violence all the way through you're like whoa I'm used to it now and you can't surprise me

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anymore I would imagine and you guys feel free to correct me that I'm just taking a guess here especially based on this comment here this first comic from Akshay Kumar an Akshay Kumar a this level of sex and violence and stuff is not something you see very often in Indian cinema's this trailer alone goes beyond what we've watched in

sacred games like you said and you know it's good that you mentioned that because it almost feels like it's trying to up the ante from that and I don't see the need to just tell me an interesting story just give me a good story that's because all stories have been told all levels of violence have been done so you don't need to show me new violence

 just show me an interesting story if you have violence in there be honest about it but just give me if I start with a very interesting story in Ali Fazal you guys thanks so much for hanging out with us hopefully that was an interesting conversation for you and an interesting reaction.

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