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100% working Spider-Man: Far From Home torrent links

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Spider-man far from home is once again directed by John Watson stars Tom Holland is spider-man and this is the first film in spider-man history to not take place entirely in New York Peter and his friends go on a school trip overseas and encounter a whole bunch of crazy stuff including Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio this is an interesting time for spider-man fans
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because we get to see an actor actually take steps towards becoming spider-man he did a lot of small-scale stuff in homecoming and in this movie he has to take a lot of steps towards filling the shoes that Tony Stark has left behind and after the events of endgame Spidey has a lot to do here and I had a blast watching him figure that shit out I like this movie a tad bit more than I liked homecoming actually and I didn't love that film like I

 thought it was really a good time it wasn't my favorite spider-man movie or anything I still like the first two Raimi films more but it was obviously the best since those movies this film felt more well-realized smoother the narrative flowed better this story was consistently interesting it rarely ever gave Peter a chance to relax he was always moving because he's trying to impress MJ and he's trying to be there for his buddies on this trip and just have a relaxing time but at the same time Nick Fury's over there like hey we got this major
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problem and we need your help and so he's having to balance this a lot which is of course classic spider-man never having enough time for your life priorities but also having to be this hero when you're not really ready to be this movie captures that wonderfully and Tom Holland can play Spidey until he's 50 as far as I'm concerned he'll I'll watch a 60-year-old spider-man let's see what he's got to do I mean he died he has a lot of cool shit he'd probably I have to do like you know bingo I don't fucking know he's so great in this role and I would love to see him play Spidey for a really long time I also like zendaya as MJ a

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lot more in this film I thought the scenes between her and Peter were really cute and they did a good job at extending that relationship and exploring it more in many ways this is still a high school romance movie disguised as a superhero film but this film does take a few more steps towards being an Avengers movie especially since Peter has two deep within himself and really step up and go against a lot of things in this

 movie and I thought they did a better job this time around of balancing the high school comedy aspects with the larger-than-life superhero stuff because they applied a sort of race against time element to the high school stuff Peter really wants to confess how he feels to MJ and so every single chance that he gets something is always in the way so it makes those scenes not boring it doesn't make you like wish for him

to just start spinning some webs and fight stuff again it sort of invests you in those scenes as well and so there's always something happening and they play it off with comedy quite often and it's very very funny a lot of the jokes land Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is something I was really looking forward to for one I'm a huge Mysterio fan I've wanted this character to be in a spider-man film for a really long time and Jake Gyllenhaal is

like he's just he's Jake Gyllenhaal and I love that guy so he's also been circling a spider-man film for a really long time I'm sure a lot of you know this but at one point he almost was spider-man when Tobey Maguire had a back injury when he was filming Seabiscuit he almost couldn't return for spider-man 2 and Jake Gyllenhaal was going to replace him so it's cool to see him in this universe and I thought he was really good as

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Mysterio I didn't love everything they did with that character though we'll talk more about that in another video it's just that certain aspects of the way they approached it we could have just used a little more information that's also John Watts did a great job with the action scenes this time around they felt a little more intense than at homecoming it seemed like he was more confident this time with this movie because obviously before homecoming he had never done anything that size and you can tell that he's taken everything

he learned on that film and just applied it to this there are aspects of this that I definitely think homecoming did better and I can't really talk about that here because spoilers we'll talk about that in the spoiler review it's unfortunate but it really I can't even hint at it it's just there are certain things that were better last time as far as negatives I can get into there's a sequence leading towards the third act where Peter gets bounced back and forth on a train to this

 Loki and it just felt so quick and rushed and they try to mask the fact that it made like zero sense with comedy whenever this movie has a plot point that doesn't really work and it feels like they're going out on a limb they try to make it funny so you forget about the fact that it doesn't make any goddamn sense that happens a few times in this movie actually and once you start to notice it it's hard to unsee it just keeps happening a

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 lot but the comedy does work and it it's one of those things where you just you're enjoying the movie so much that you kind of just roll with it and let it slide and just like with homecoming I could have used a little more action just slightly higher stakes but I'm okay with this being like a more small-scale movie of course obviously I don't need every movie to be like though a universe is gonna explode but just a little bit more stakes

I think could have helped with some of the more white-knuckle aspects of the film but in all honesty I really had a blast with this one I liked it a little bit more than homecoming and this movie does have a scene that I I mean I just got so excited I cannot wait to talk about it in the spoiler video but this is exactly what happened are you fucking kidding me

 I am just I'm a very happy person right now I can't wait to talk about it I oh man I'm gonna give spider-man far from home a B+ this was a good sequel I had a good time with it and I can't wait to see what else they do with Tom Holland and spider-man I'm really happy that they're taking this character and directions that I love and there's an aspect of it that feels fresh too because it's it's not a New York City the whole movie and so it's like there's new stuff to do I had a good time with this movie

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