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100% working Thor Ragnarok torrent links

Thor Ragnarok torrent download 

Hello, here we are again with another movie and this time its Thor Ragnarok torrent files and magnet links that we are going to provide.

Thor Ragnarok was directed by Taika Waititi the man behind hunt for the wildered in the shadows two films I loved so I was pretty excited to see what he could do with a Marvel movie and this time around Thor is imprisoned forced to fight Hulk in a gladiator battle while hella the goddess of death threatens to destroy all of Asgard and please stay tuned to the end of this video because I'm doing something very special with the fine folks at Full Sail University and a lot of my viewers are interested in getting a film degree

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 I'm gonna be having a discussion about that at the end of this video when it comes to Thor Ragnarok this film does for Thor what Captain America the Winter Soldier did for cap because before Winter Soldier cap was cool and he was you know he's cool Captain America but that movie was like oh my god Captain America is just incredible this film is exactly what Thor needed he needed a major boost of fun and likability and a great sense of freshness what's so great about Ragnarok is that it takes everything we know everything that's

 been established about Thor and it dismantles it his hammer forget about it it's gone his macho sense of right and wrong played for comedy but it also keeps the heart of his character intact the family dynamics the struggle with his brother and his father and now a new thing that he has to deal with in hella played excellently by Kate Blanchet by the way everyone in this movie steals the movie there was not one specific character that stole the film for me because everyone was doing such a great job that they all stole the movie, Tessa

Thompson Jeff Goldblum Mark Ruffalo Chris Hemsworth even Taika Waititi as Korg they're all fantastic this is one of my favorite Marvel movies this is everything I want to see in a superhero movie it's extremely fun and likable when the action scenes are there they're like adrenalin fuel they're extremely badass and beautifully shot this is a very colorful movie which is something I was happy to see because the other

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Thor movies I'm fine with them they're enjoyable you can watch them but they were easily some of the weakest of all the MCU films this is without a doubt easily the best of the Thor franchise and one of my favorite Marvel movies one of the biggest issues that I had with the MC use treatment of Thor was that it seemed I can't confirm this but it seemed like the creator's didn't think audiences would appreciate such an obscure character

unless they brought him quite literally down to earth and put him in earth and gave him human friends on earth like Jane and Darcy these are not the things I want to see in a Thor movie and you don't have to have a strange godlike character around us in New York to be the likable for us this movie understands that and it's an adventure movie he goes all over the place and fights different beings of all different kinds

but you care because he feels like a person and it's because of great writing and great acting according to Taika Waititi he has said that 80% of this movie was improvised that's astounding because so much of it feels very well created and controlled in regards to the humor it's so well timed and some might have an issue with this is an extremely funny movie and quite often rather than having a very serious moment it will be played for a joke and that's one of the best things about this film I believe

Thor Ragnarok full movie download torrent

this is the 17th MCU movie at some point this series is going to have to acknowledge and be very self-aware of itself and make fun of itself and Ragnarok does that something else I loved was that they actually have the immigrant song in the movie it wasn't just for the trailer so often you hear songs and trailers and you begin to attach that with your anticipation for the movie and then it's nowhere to be heard in the movie

I was so glad they actually had it incorporated in some really badass moments in the film there were moments of action here then where I got chills like it gave me goosebumps it was so exciting you actually get to see Thor being the god of thunder not just calling down some lightning bolts with his hammer they get rid of so many of the things that we're used to seeing in a Thor movie that it became very surprising consistently
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because you go to a Thor film at this point expecting to see certain things you go to an MCU movie at this point expecting to see certain things this film constantly sidestepped those expectations that we go into these types of movies with to create a really fresh experience and that is due to excellent writing and great directing and I have to give it the Taika Waititi because in fairly 80% of this movie was improvised that's a lot of him going back and forth with the actors creating something that's really cool it's just so rare that

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I find movies where I'm consistently smiling I'm wrapped up in the movie and I'm forgetting that I'm watching one because it's just so investing and just such a damn good time these movies aren't made as much as you would think often times you see a movie like yeah that was kind of fun but it was just diverting this is a movie that is so enjoyable to experience that I just forgot I was watching one after a while and I was excited to see

what would happen next and that's one of the beauties of seeing a great film when you realize that you just wrapped up in it and it's so rare it's so rare when you really think about it that that happens and and ragnarök did that for me I'm a huge Planet Hulk fan it's easily my favorite of any of the Hulk comics so I was really happy to see a lot of that incorporated into this movie quite more of it than I expected which really brought a
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smile to my face so if you are a fan of Planet Hulk like me you're gonna have a blast with a lot here Jeff Goldblum as the Grand Master is everything I wanted I don't care that he's basically being like the personification of our thoughts of who Jeff Goldblum is that's fine with me I'll watch him go uh-huh yes like any day all the time I don't care it's perfect as for issues with the movie yes there are a lot of jokes and sometimes there

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may have been just a few too many and it's not because there's too many jokes it's more about where to put them and how to incorporate more serious scenes with the levity honestly 90% of time it's flawless there were just a few times where I had laughed so much that the humor came so much more and I was like okay I just laughed I need give me a second to to process and that's really it's just like a minor thing you know it's something you don't really care about it doesn't really affect for me anyway the experience of this movie but

I'm mentioning it because I thought of it also hella well great I thought Blanchette was phenomenal sometimes her character can be a real exposition Pease she will show art on the ceiling explaining her backstory she'll be talking a lot to Carl Urban's character saying you don't notice about me but this is kind of like what happened but she's really telling the audience because her character comes with so much backstory and they really
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have to address a lot of it but again honestly this isn't really anything that bothered me it's just something that I feel like some people may notice from a screenwriting perspective these flaws are so minimal that I just I had a blast this is a really fun movie it's a great superhero movie easily the best Thor movie I'm gonna give thor ragnarok and a definitely check this one out guys if you're a fan of the MCU I found it extremely

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