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100% working ODEYA movie Download links

 ODEYA movie Download links  

Hello There we are here with ODEYA Movie Download links, this is a south indian movie,must watch. We all know about honest remakes, but this is a step ahead. Even the subtitles are re-made but at one place. "Why are you hitting Vinayagam".


I was wondering who Vinayagam was because Darshan's name in the film is Gajendra. Later I realized Ajith's name in Veeram, the Tamil original of this film is Vinayagam.

 ODEYA Full movie Download 

Hello, we are torrent club and today's film is M.D.Shridhar's Odeya. Gajendra is the eldest one of 5 brothers. Fearing that his marriage may jeopardise his relationship with his brothers, he decides to be anti-marriage. Now what would happen if such a person fell in love is the rest of the film.

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This is a mindless "mass entertainment" film, so one needn't take it seriously. Its Darshan all-the-way and the film perfectly fits his comfort-zone.

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If you are someone who doesn't mind below-the-belt and profane comedy Chikkanna may make you laugh. Sadhu Kokila gets a little more screen time than he gets usually, Darshan's comedy is refreshing. Apart from these few things, this film offers nothing new.

Arjun Janya's song this time are intentional. Jayant Kaikini, Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Bhat create magic for a few minutes.

Summing up... Not many agreed when I said the core concept of Yajamana was good, after watching this film, they may now agree with me. However, if you are someone who would watch a film just for Darshan, then you may...

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