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100% working Arjun Reddy Torrent Download Movie links

Arjun Reddy Torrent Download Movie 

Hello There we are with yet another movie Download Links This time we have Arjun Reddy Torrent Download Links. hope you guys like it.

In the teaser of the film 'Kabir Singh', Shahid Kapoor's fierce Dhanush avatar is becoming very popular. Every band watching the teaser says that the film is going to be a hit.

Although almost everyone knows this, for those who do not know, let us know that Kabir Singh is a remake of Telugu superhit film Arjun Reddy.

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Arjun Reddy Torrent

'Arjun Reddy' is one of those South films that have been seen all over India. People watching 'Arjun Reddy' used to pray for its Hindi remake very heartily. Now the question is, what is there in the story of this film, which is so funny?

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We also have the answer to this question. Now if the film is a remake, then the story will remain original. Let us tell you the story on which the whole story of Kabir Singh is based:

The story of the film begins from a medical college, where Kabir Singh is a brilliant and topper boy. But his anger is very explosive. Arjun does not even know about the name of which bird is the authority from above. That is why people fear him in the entire college campus. Due to anger and harassing people, Arjun is just one step away from leaving college.

Arjun's eye falls on Preeti Shetty, a new eye student in the first year of college. And Arjun falls in love with Preeti. Just then, Launda and her friends print the news that nobody should be seen around Preity. She is only from Arjun. It is a different matter that Preeti is also scared of Arjun, but then gradually she too falls in love with Arjun.

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Meanwhile, Arjun has to go to Mussoorie to complete his studies. Arjun and Preity come at a distance, but this only makes their relationship stronger. One day Arjun returns from Mussoorie and goes to meet Preeti at her house, where Preeti's father sees them doing. His anger goes straight to the sky because Arjuna's caste is also different.

The matter reaches a scuffle and Arjun is thrown out of Preity's house. But after this, for some time, both of them continue to make room for each other at their home. One day the matter then escalates to Preeti's house and Arjun returns after giving her 6 hours to make a decision. Preeti's family snatches her phone and she is unable to contact Arjun.

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But seeing the opportunity, she reaches Arjun's house directly, where Arjun finds him unconscious, drunk with alcohol and cocaine. Angry, Preeti tells her father that she is ready to get married anywhere. Arjun's world changes completely after Preity's marriage. The situation is that on the basis of alcohol-hemp-drugs, it breathes and opens its eyes.

In a state of intoxication, Arjun, in the middle of an operation, faints in the operation theater. During the investigation, cocaine is found in Arjun's blood, this also leaves his job and snatches a medical license. The next day Arjun's grandmother dies. At Dadi's funeral, years later, Arjun talks to his father.

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This helps Arjun to fight his problems. Arjun leaves for drunk, goes abroad on holidays. On returning, he sees Preeti in a condition of pregnancy in a park.

On talking to Preeti, she learns that she left her husband just a few days after marriage and that the child is actually Arjun's child. After this, both lovers are reunited.

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