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100% working Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Download Torrent Links

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Download Movie Torrent 

Hello, There We are here with another movie review and download links, this time we have Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Download Torrent Links.

hi guys welcome to Torrent-club and today I'm gonna be reviewing the new Asif Ali movie Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha watch out for might spoilers no I think it'll be interesting to compare a movie like

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Download to Sooraj barjatya's older film Viva if you worked as an advertising campaign to reinforce the ferret II like myths we associate with the arranged marriage this film tries to break hip Kira under Malaga in fact grounds this and reality to tell you a very real story but what happens in what we call the

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happy married life now in the 80s a film about arranged marriage would have dealt with the topic of dowry and how the girls family struggles to come up with it in the 90s this changed to what happens after the marriage especially when we're dealing with two equals or two egoistic people in a relationship but now a film about arranged

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Full Movie Download

 marriage can dig a lot deeper to finally discuss topics that we've shied away from a very long time and that's what makes this film a worthy addition to Maryland cinemas new obsession the topic of masculinity this film isn't about toxic masculinity it isn't about the lack of masculinity either it's about something else you can probably call it the crisis of masculinity slave arson is someone we've all met at some point in life he's a good son and

 he's a great brother to his four sisters but is that enough to make a good husband sleeve button is 35 years old but he's never found the need to get married he doesn't have female friends and he hasn't had a girlfriend either but on one night when he returns home to find his mom lying on the ground unconscious that's the first time he gives

married some serious thought even then getting married is something he does for his mother he just want someone to look after her so when he goes to meet Lindsay for the first time he doesn't even look at her anybody will do as long as she's ready to take care of the mother but it's not the same for rincey during that first meeting we notice

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Movie Download Torrent 

of rincey slowly falling firstly watching seeing the way he behaves with her bedridden mother it's against leaverton the great son working his magic but we don't see the reverse happening and when doing see Carson for the first time after that first meeting he assumes the phone calls for the mother and passes it on to her his issue is an

indifference or a lack of interest it's just that he's never been able to look at a woman as a companion so when he attends a pre-marriage counseling at the local church he starts getting nervous even when the topic of you know what starts getting discussed so he excused himself from the class and he makes a confession and he goes to the priests

and tells him that he knows nothing about that topic know the topic I'm talking about sex there are great examples of her the relationships all around him but when it comes to this issue he chooses to take the advice of the absolute worst person

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a sex-crazed divorcee whose wife ran away so well it's time for slave arson to get intimate with his wife for the first time he's misled to believe that the act is some kind of a show of strength now the film takes an interesting approach to talk about the situation a crime has taken place but the film doesn't focus on the victim instead it tries to

focus on sleeve action he tows the victim is what the film argues were meant to look at him as the aftereffect of a society that talks about topics like sex as taboo he sex-crazed older friend is supposed to be a standard for many things in society a set of bad friends terrible movie choices or even pornography what's really impressive about

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Download Full Movie 

this film is how it manages to make us sympathize with him and we can do this so easily because we never doubt his intentions you know this act is performed his face is not that of a man high on power celebrating his dominance the expression is more of relief as though he stirs finally gotten done with it in fact he's so ignorant that he thinks that

 she's happy now but I wish the film had taken a more balanced approach to tell us this story I wish the filament gotten us to see more of what Vince is going through as well like slave watching the film tries to keep brilliancy at a distance and this requires us to do a lot of the writing to understand what's going on at her side and for a film that

Kettiyolaanu Ente Malakha Movie Download Torrent 

 essentially propagates the idea of the importance of getting to know someone I really wish I had known didn't see a lot more but one of the reasons the film still remains so engaging is the excellent performances by both Asif Ali and winner and the Kumar Asif cases the roles physical performances and he perfectly fits into the mold of a

 loud rubber farmer and he even manages to break your heart on the climax we feel her silence and her helplessness in being married to such a man but never at the cost of her dignity the supporting cast filled with several new actors does a great job - now we can debate the film's feel-good approach to deal with such a serious topic or its

 the desperate need to keep underlining sleeve art since character to make him out to be a good guy but it's a film that needs to be discussed not just because of what it says but also about how it goes about saying it so that's it for my review.

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